Japan Data

  • 2019-03-28 20:17

    TOKYO (MNI) - Japan's industrial production posted the first month-on-month rise in four months in February but the gain was weak compared with the drop over the past three months, with the Bank of Japan maintaining its cautious view on the outlook.

    February industrial production, a key piece of analytical data for BOJ economists, rose 1.4% on month following falls of 3.4% in January, 0.1% in December and -.0% in November, preliminary data released Friday by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry showed.

    February's rise, above than the MNI median forecast of a 1.0% gain, was due mainly to higher output of motor vehicles, information and communication electronics equipment and general-purpose, production and business oriented machinery.

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  • 2019-03-28 19:56

    --Tokyo March Core CPI Rises 1.1% Y/Y Vs +1.1% in February

    TOKYO (MNI) - The Bank of Japan remains cautious of the overall outlook on prices, as the annual pace of inflation in Tokyo, a leading indicator of the national average, was unchanged in March from the previous month.

    Tokyo core CPI rose 1.1% on year in March, unchanged from February, with the gain still largely due to the higher positive contribution from crude prices (+0.45 percentage points in March vs. +0.44 pts in Feb).

    In bright spots for BOJ economists to focus on, prices for household durable goods rose 10.2% on year in March, accelerating from a 5.0% gain in February.

    Also, foods prices excluding perishable foods rose 0.9% on year, also accelerating from 0.7% in February.

  • 2019-03-25 20:31

    TOKYO (MNI) - Heighted downside risks to economic activity and prices prompted Bank of Japan board members to discuss the outlook for monetary policy, although they didn't see the need for imminent action, the summary of opinions from the March 14-15 policy meeting released Tuesday showed.

    A few policymakers emphasized the need of a policy mix stemming from monetary and fiscal policies to cope with an economic downturn.

    The BOJ board remains focused on the impact of the China's economic stimulus measures on Japan's exports and production.

    At the meeting, the BOJ left monetary policy unchanged, voting 7-2 to continue with yield curve control and the asset purchases, as Japan's economy is expanding moderately, despite heightened downside risks.

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  • 2019-03-21 20:15

    --Japan Core CPI Up 0.7% y/y In February Vs. +0.8% in January

    TOKYO (MNI) - The Bank of Japan's outlook on prices remains cautious as the latest data confirmed the country remains locked in a low inflation environment.

    Japan's nationwide core consumer price index rose 0.7% on year in February, decelerating from 0.8% in January. Core CPI rise was expected to come in at +0.8% on year (vs.

  • 2019-03-20 04:37

    --Japan Government's Downward Revision First Since March 2016

    TOKYO (MNI) - Japan's government downgraded its overall economic assessment Wednesday, saying that the Japanese economy is recovering at a moderate pace "while weakness is seen recent in exports and industrial production in some sectors."

    But the government didn't think the economic recovery has stalled, an official at the Cabinet Office said.

    Back in February, the government simply said, "The Japanese economy is recovering at a moderate pace." The downward revision is the first time since March 2016.

    The government also lowered its assessment of industrial production for the second straight month, saying, "Industrial production is almost flat", although weakness is seen in some sectors.

  • 2019-03-19 20:43

    TOKYO (MNI) - Policy coordination with the government will be more important if downside risks to economic activity and prices materialized, argued a few Bank of Japan board members argued, the minutes of the January 22-23 policy meeting released Wednesday showed.

    However, the board largely saw no imminent need to consider taking additional easy policy, as Japan's economy is expanding moderately underpinned by the virtuous cycle from profits to spending.

    However, one member "expressed the recognition that hastily changing policy amid a situation of high uncertainties would instead entail risks including accumulation of financial imbalances and increasing swings in economic activity, and therefore, it was important for the BOJ to take appropriate action in light of the pre

  • 2019-03-17 20:34

    --Japan February Exports Fall 1.2% Y/Y After -8.4% In January

    TOKYO (MNI) - Japan's exports fell again in February, posting a year-on-year drop for a third-straight month, indicating that exports continue to be hit by slowing global demand, with Bank of Japan officials increasingly watchful over the outlook for exports.

    BOJ officials expect Japan's exports to remain weak for the time on the back of China's slowing economy and sluggish capital investment overseas, at least until the impact of the Beijing's economic stimulus measures kick in.

    Exports, a main driver for Japan's economy, fell 1.2% on year in February following -8.4% in January and weaker than the MNI median forecast of +0.7%, led by lower exports of motor vehicles, iron/steel products and chip-making equipmen

  • 2019-03-14 23:10

    TOKYO (MNI) - The Bank of Japan left monetary policy unchanged Friday, voting 7-2 vote to continue with yield curve control and the asset purchases, as Japan's economy is expanding moderately, despite heightened downside risks.

    The BOJ board maintained the overall economic assessment, saying "Japan's economy is expanding moderately, with a virtuous cycle from income to spending operating," adding that the economy "is likely to continue its moderate expansion."

    However, in the wake of weaker data, the BOJ lowered its assessment of exports and overseas economies, reflecting slowing in China and Europe.

    "Exports have shown some weakness recently," the BOJ said.

  • 2019-03-08 01:36

    --Japan Feb Econ Watchers Current Index 47.5; Jan 45.6
    --Japan Feb Watchers Current Index Posts 1st Rise in 3 Months
    --Japan Feb Watchers Outlook Index 48.9; Jan 49.4
    --Japan Feb Watchers Outlook Index Posts 1st Drop in 2 Months
    --Japan Govt Ups View: Moderate Recovery Continues

    TOKYO (MNI) - Japan's current sentiment index rose in February for the first rise in three months, thanks to stronger items linked to retails sales, services and housing, a key government survey released Friday showed.

    The survey indicates whether respondents with jobs most sensitive to economic conditions -- taxi and truck drivers, department-store sales staff and restaurant and shop owners -- think economic conditions have improved or worsened from three months prior.

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  • 2019-03-07 02:31

    TOKYO (MNI) - Japan's economy likely expanded at a faster rate than initially estimated in the October-December quarter, with business investment appearing to be stronger than initially expected, economists forecast Friday in the wake of a key government survey.

    The median forecast by six economists for revised Q4 GDP is +0.5% on quarter, or an annualized +1.8%, compared with the preliminary estimate of +0.3% q/q, or an annualized +1.4%. The forecasts ranged from +0.4% to +0.6% q/q, and +1.5% to +2.5% annualized.

    Japan's economy bounced back from a weak Q3 in the October-December period, thanks to higher private consumption and capital investment.