Syndication Partnerships

MNI - Market News

MNI’s daily professional reporting is available for use on your website directly from our news bureaus in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. MNI's syndication package,  Market News Service, is essential to investors in the fixed income and foreign exchange markets. Market News Service is customizable to meet your clients' needs, helping to increase your website traffic.

MNI offers a number of delivery formats and will work with you to select the options most appropriate for your digital content infrastructure. We are able to customize and assist with the deployment of your feed, as required.

You can receive MNI content using one of four methods.


·  FTP/SFTP/SCP/FTPS Push: The customer provides a server onto which subscribed products will be pushed via one of the supported transport mechanisms: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SCP (Secure Copy).

·  Email: Content can be sent via email to any address you specify. Each story can be a separate email or can be batched together for delivery at times you specify (up to 6 per day).

HTTPS Push (API): MNI will use HTTPS-POST to push items to a service end-point URL you provide, that is configured to accept data in XML or JSON format.

- AMQP: The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) is an open standard for passing business messages between applications or organizations

- STOMP: Simple Text Oriented Message Protocol, formerly known as TTMP, is a simple text-based protocol, designed for working with message-oriented middleware


·  XMLNews

·  Plain Text


·  NewsML

Market News Syndication Packages

MNI offers various fixed packages if you do not wish to customize your content. Some of the packages available are:

·  MNI Email Services: MNI produces a variety of email services, including a morning look at the likely market-moving events of the coming day, alerts to market-moving news, overnight market summaries, and technical analysis.

·  MNI Fixed Income Packages: MNI’s Fixed Income packages include comprehensive macroeconomic data releases along with event previews, central bank reports, live reporting of speeches and fiscal and policy statements in the news.

·  MNI Foreign Exchange Packages: MNI’s FX packages include comprehensive macroeconomic data releases along with event previews, ‘blow-by-blow’ flow reports and order levels for the euro, dollar, yen, sterling and Swiss franc, plus company news and equity indices market action though the trading day.

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