MNI Products

MNI is the leading real-time news agency dedicated to the global fixed income and foreign exchange markets. Founded in 1983, MNI has news bureaus in Asia, Europe, and the U.S., offering a truly global perspective.

MNI Main Wire

MNI Main Wire delivers real-time intelligence for global markets in scrolling headline format, backed by in-depth stories. From analysis to breaking news, MNI Main Wire keeps you ahead of the market.

MNI Bullet Points

MNI offers original, authoritative running commentary presented in concise bullet point format. Our three MNI Bullet Points products offer instant, in-depth reporting.

MNI Connect
MNI Connect is a premium service that brings together financial market participants and policymakers from the world's major central banks and other key government agencies for private roundtable discussions.
MNI Edge
MNI Edge connects you directly to MNI experts via instant messenger who constantly deliver only the most relevant market information. Subscribers receive bespoke intelligence direct from MNI reporters instantly instead of sifting through headlines for the answer they need and can interact directly with MNI reporters.
MNI Monitor
MNI Monitor is a real-time, web-based application that delivers economic indicators to traders’ screens and mobile devices immediately at release time. MNI Monitor displays more than 235 indicators from the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia-Pacific in a user-friendly tabular format, showing actual reported as well as expected figures.

MNI Indicators

MNI produces a number of economic indicators, providing objective measures of business and economic climate in the U.S. and Asia-Pacific.

  • MNI Chicago Business Barometer provides a monthly snapshot of U.S. economic activity as seen by a survey panel of local purchasing and supply management professionals. 
  • MNI China Business Sentiment Indicator is a leading indicator of the strength of the Chinese economy. It is based on a monthly poll of Chinese business executives and it generates a sophisticated picture of the latest business conditions.
  • MNI China Consumer Sentiment Indicator provides valuable and relevant insight into the consumption patterns of the most populous nation on earth. We provide reliable intelligence on the state of a fast changing economy.
  • MNI India Business Sentiment is an authoritative indicator of the current pace of overall growth in India. It is based on a monthly poll of Indian executives and delivers an update on all the latest business trends.
  • MNI India Consumer Sentiment provides reliable and up-to-date intelligence on the state of the Indian economy. It provides a monthly snapshot of market activities as perceived by local consumers.
  • MNI Russia Business Sentiment provides insight into the Russian economy. Based on a monthly poll of business executives, it tracks and predicts Russian economic conditions.
  • MNI Russia Consumer Sentiment provides reliable and in-depth analysis of consumer behaviours within the rapidly changing Russian economy. We provide timely intelligence on the state of an important strategic market.

MNI Emails

MNI produces a variety of email services that deliver news directly to your inbox each morning or throughout the day. Email packages include Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, and Credit.


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