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Friday, July 24, 2020 - 02:12

MNI POLICY: Decoupling Between US And China Selective: Advisor

BEIJING (MNI) - Any decoupling between the U.S. and China is "selective" and driven by Washington's attempts to slow China's moves to upscale its manufacturing sector, according to a senior advisor with a think-tank affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The moves come largely in areas such as hi-tech, but this was "not an area of close cooperation between China and the U.S. originally," Shen Yamei, Deputy Director and Associate Research Fellow, Department for American Studies at the China Institute of International Studies(CIIS), told a press conference Friday.

Shen said it was "unfair" to say the two countries are decoupling completely, there was sustained cooperation in the service sector, the finance sector, and China has also opened the medical service market to the U.S.

With a nod to the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, Shen said a win for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden could see a change in the dynamics, as he would look to repair Washington's relations with its allies and attempt to pressure China in a more united way.

Shen thought such a tactic could actually benefit China, as third parties could become a balancing power between the U.S. and China, as "no country is willing to sacrifice their own people's welfare and pay for the confrontation or competition between China and the U.S.," Shen said.

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